By Kareem Byfield

Do you need a smooth edit for your dancers or a presentation this upcoming season?
You've come to the right place!



As a Competition Owner & Choreographer,
I know how important having the right sound and mix is.
Give your dancers the opportunity to compete & perform with confidence.
Your audience will love you for it!


Easy Uploads

Once you are ready to begin, we will send you a link to upload your music.
We can get started on it right away.
Once the edit is complete you will be notified & you can easily find
the track in the same place where you originally uploaded your music.
Nice & Easy!


Outstanding Price

For under $50.00 you can get a smooth edit or mix for an
upcoming performance/ gig/ show or competition.
Do you have more than 1 track you need done? .. Yes? .. Good!
We are happy to offer you a 10% discount for any additional tracks.
Isn't that OUTSTANDING? ;)

Are you ready?

Get Your Sound


Boosting the confidence of artists is extremely important.
Show them you care by giving them an edit they can be proud of!

  • Professional Sound

  • Quality Time

  • No Hidden Fees

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